Beyond the modem and RF components, Vitacom can assist you with the design and supply of your satellite network requirements:

  • SCPC Networks
  • TDM/TDMA Networks
  • Network Management Systems
  • TDM/SCPC Networks
  • Hub Earth Stations

Vitacom can provide technical support for your network, including the following:

  • C vs Ku-band Selection
  • Link Budgets
  • Antenna Size and Selection
  • Modem Modulation and FEC Choice

Used Equipment Packages

Vitacom sells new equipment but often we have an inventory of used equipment as well, most of which is equipment that was previously being used at our teleport.

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Check back here often as we do update this page frequently.
We always recommend new equipment unless you can purchase your used equipment from a reliable source.

Satellite Equipment

70 MHz and L-band Satellite Modems
Vitacom features the Datum M500 satellite modem, the most cost-effective full-featured modem on the market. These modems can operate at data rates up to 20 Mbps with BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, 8PSK, and 16QAM modulations available.

BUC's and LNB's
C and Ku-band BUC's and LNB's are available, covering a range of power levels and stabilities. When combined with an L-band modem and antenna, these result in very cost-effective SCPC earth stations.

Vitacom sells both C and Ku-band transceivers. These are ideal for applications where a 70 MHz interface is required for the modems. Dual-synthesized units with low phase noise are standard. Optional 1:1 redundant systems can be provided.

Vitacom can supply a range of antennas, from 1.2 meter Ku-band antennas for TDMA networks through large C and Ku-band hub antennas. Standard remote sizes for Ku networks are 1.8 meter, with 2.4 meter antennas typically used for C-band.