2560 W. Middlefield Road

Mountain View, California

Zip Code 94043


1100 nw 163rd drive
Suite D1
Miami, FL 33169
1 954 678 0266
1 954 302 2836


Mexico Office

Vitacom De Queretaro
Circuito Alamos #47 "G"
Querétaro, Qro.  Mexico
(52) (442) 245-1859



Nigeria Distributor:

Bluesky Technologies Ltd

93, Allen Avenue

Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

Local Tel: 0803-328-0125 or


International Tel: +234-803-328-0125


email :


























Satellite Equipment and Bandwidth:

New Era Systems, Inc

2179 N. Powerline Road, Suite 1

Pampono Beach, FL 33069

Tel : 1 954 974 7144


Congo Distributor:

Citraco sprl

8314 Boulevard du 30 Juin

Gombe DR Congo

Contact : Richard C. Muamba

local Tel : 0999-943007

local Tel: 0381-9943007

International Tel : +243999943007

International Tel: +243819943007

email :


Monitor and Control

Vitacom offers off-site and on-site system monitoring, both automated and manual.  Do you need an email or text automatically sent to you when a specified device stops responding?  Do you need to monitor bandwidth usage?  Vitacom can offer simple alerts as well as dedicated off-site system monitoring tools Benefits of off-site system monitoring is that the monitor is not network dependent.  If your monitoring system is on your network and your network goes down, the monitor will not be able to send an alert!  Use off-site monitoring from Vitacom and avoid costly down time due to lack of notification.  Vitacom also offers custom NMS software.

Server Leasing

  • Vitacom is very flexible and office several options.
  • We can custom build a server to client specifications.
  • We can lease a pre-build dedicated server.
  • We can lease a Virtual Server.
  • We can also lease a server service, such as Ftp or DNS, etc.


  • Our facility offers Security and Reliability
  • We have a 3:1 Generator setup with auto-switching
  • True A and B feeds are available
  • Direct connect to XO fiber ring with BGP multi-carrier backup via diverse path
  • We offer per RU rack or cage or full switch room pricing options.  Each switch room has redundant air conditioners.
  • We can also connect your equipment to the hard to reach places via our on-site satellite teleport.


Site Surveys

Vitacom can connect the customer with trained, qualified local installers in Latin America, the Caribbean region, and Africa. Contact Vitacom for more information.

  • Site Surveys
  • Civil Works
  • Installation
  • Certification
  • Maintenance

Vitacom can provide integration material to help complete your installations:

  • Connectors
  • Power Combiners/Splitters
  • Mounting Kits
  • Rack Cabling