Technical Support

Vitacom provides both pre-sales and live service 24/7 technical support. For pre-sales support, please contact sales. For live services please refer to our escalation list and: To contact SUPPORT, call 001 954 678 0266 and select OPTION 1 for technical support. One of our support technicians will be able to assist. In the event that no technicians are available, the auto attendant will come back on with further instructions. At this point you may select OPTION 1 and leave a voicemail or, if you have an emergency you may select OPTION 2 and the auto attendant will locate us.

  • Cband vs Ku-band Selection
  • Link Budgets for Vitacom-supplied Space Segment
  • Choice of Modulation: QPSK/8PSK/16QAM
  • Choice of FEC: Viterbi/Reed-Solomon/Turbo
  • 70 MHz vs L-band Earth Stations
  • Antenna Size vs Power Amplifier Size

Application Notes

Vitacom maintains a database of application notes to assist in the design of satellite earth station networks. Contact Vitacom for any additional information required.


Following is a list of currently-available manuals. Contact Vitacom for any manual requirements not listed here.

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How To Videos

How to Terminate RG6 cable with an F Type conenctor