Network Management System

The Vitacom NMS (Network Management System) is a powerful web based software that allows the Monitor & Control of Network devices using SNMP or SSH protocol.

Vitacom can customize the NMS for each end customer’s requirements, such as adding the Bandwidth on Demand feature, based in fixed schedules or traffic conditions and creating actions depending on the alarm conditions.

  • The NMS uses PHP and MySQL as the software development platform. The PHP language is well-documented, flexible, consistently updated and has been in the market for 15 years.
  • It is built with a Model View Controller approach giving flexibility and modularity to the system.
  • The architecture is based on a Server Client structure working on a Web platform, which enables users to use the software no matter which Operating System they're running.

These are some of the applications where VITACOM NMS will provide you with many benefits:


SCPC Network

VITACOM NMS will provide you with monitor and control for all the devices that can be controlled via SNMP, SSH or TELNET protocols. M&C will be applied in the hub and all the remote locations.

Actions will be triggered when an alarm occurs and the VITACOM NMS  will automatically alert the user of any particular action. One example of this is changing the color of the icons on the map.


Sat Site is free of alarms in all its devices.

Sat There is an alarm on at least one device of each site.

SatThere is no access to the site.



Broadcast Networks

Broadcast Outbound/SCPC Inbound Networks generate more efficient use of Outbound Space. It also provides lowest latency solution and it is much better than TDMA Networks because 100% of the BW is used for payload while TDMA uses a lot of Bandwidth for control signals. BW is shared by all Remotes.



Schematic View of Broadcast/SCPC network


Bandwidth on Demand

VITACOM NMS can be configured in different ways to apply the Bandwidth on Demand such as:

  • Network conditions: type of traffic.
  • Saturation in traffic.
  • Problems in the main line.
  • Bandwidth reduction, which will reduce space segment costs.
  • Sharing of Bandwidth Pool.
  • Back-up Terrestrial Network.



Bandwidth On Demand Map


Satellite Antennas


Patriot manufactures a range of fixed and mobile antennas. Contact Vitacom for additional information.

Andrew Corporation manufactures a range of VSAT and larger antennas. Contact Vitacom for info.

Prodelin manufactures antennas. The 3.8 meter antenna is an excellent choice for a small hub antenna at moderate cost.



Vitacom can supply entrance link cables for connecting the modem with the outdoor RF equipment. Cabling is available for 70 MHz and L-band applications. RF cables are also available for connecting RF equipment to the antenna.


C-Band Transceivers


Vitacom has extensive experience in providing C-band transceivers for customers world-wide. In addition to the listed models, higher power units are available by combining a Vitacom up/down converter with an external power amplifier. Contact Vitacom for details.

KU-Band Transceivers


Vitacom also supplies Ku-band transceivers, combining an L-band up-down converter with a BUC and LNB to form a cost-effective 70 MHz solution. Higher power transceivers are available on request.

  • 4-Watt Vitacom Transceiver: VTK5004
  • 8-Watt Vitacom Transceiver: VTK5008
  • 16-Watt Vitacom Transceiver: VTK5016
  • 20-Watt Vitacom Transceiver: VTK5020
  • 25-Watt Vitacom Transceiver: VTK5025


Technical Advantages

Vitacom transceivers are now in their fifth generation, having evolved on the basis of continuing development first started in 1981. Following are some of the advantages that can be found using the Vitacom units:

  • Built-in Surge Suppressor
  • 110/220 Volt Operation
  • Independently-synthesized Up/Down Converters
  • Low Phase Noise, Better than IESS 308/309 Standards
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Temperature-compensated Transmit Gain
  • Local Console Control
  • Available 1:1 Redundancy

C-Band BUC's

C-Band BUC's

C-Band BUCs

Vitacom supplies a range of C-band BUC's, with power levels from 2 watts through 50 watts. Lower power units are DC-powered, while higher power units operate from AC power. Ten-watt and higher power units are available in redundant configurations.

C-Band LNB's

C-Band BUCs

Vitacom supplies LNB's with a range of frequency stabilities and noise figures (noise temp). PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) LNB's are typically used for digital signals with data rates less than several Mbps. Contact Vitacom for assistance in selecting the correct LNB for your application.

KU-Band BUC's

C-Band BUCs

Vitacom supplies Ku-band BUC's, with power levels from 2 watts through 8 watts. These BUC's are all DC-powered and are available with optional LED status indicator.

KU-Band LNB's

C-Band BUCs

Ku-band LNB's are available with a similar range of frequency stabilities and noise temperatures. Because of the higher Ku-band frequency, noise temperatures are higher than at C-band. Contact Vitacom for any required technical assistance.

70/140 MHZ and L-Band Modems

70/140 MHZ and L-Band Modems

70/140Mhz Modems

Vitacom features the Datum Systems M500 series of modems for 70/140 MHz requirements. The M500 series operates at up to 20 Mbps and provides a range of modulation and FEC options including QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, Viterbi, R-S, and turbo.

70/140 MHz Modem Ordering Options

L-Band Modems

The Datum Systems M500 family of L-band modems provides an elegant, low-cost solution for SCPC earth stations. The Datum modem is the lowest-cost full-featured modem on the market.

L-Band Modem Ordering Options




Modem Redundancy

The Datum modems feature built-in 1:1 redundancy control. By adding a cable set and transmit and receive splitters, a complete (and low cost) redundant modem system can be established.

Contact Vitacom for pricing and any required technical assistance in configuring 1:1 modem redundancy.

Modem Network Management

Vitacom has designed and implemented a Network Management System (NMS) for monitor and control of earth station networks utilizing the M500 series of modem along with Vitacom RF, either transceivers or BUC's. The NMS provides a graphical interface with a network map displaying the status of the hub and each remote. A simple click allows the user to access any of the equipment for more detailed status monitoring as well as the ability to make changes. Contact Vitacom for details.

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